Melissa Kenyon McIntyre - Artist

Artist Statement

Melissa Kenyon McIntyre


I am a New Mexico based artist with a studio in Taos Canyon.


I consider myself to be primarily a painter but I find that other creative endeavors help keep me focused. I paint for hours, days and weeks on end until I must move on to something else. I have to be creating something all the time, if I'm not at the easel, I'm hunched over a drawing tablet or canvas board. I work in acrylic, oil, watercolor, tile, glues, grout and stains. All of it!


New Mexico is an incredible source of inspiration with amazing sunsets, the huge sky with fascinating cloud formations, old villages with cracked and crumbling adobe walls, and the beautiful old churches with their magnificent interiors. I'm also inspired by the old family property in Southwestern Colorado with it's family history, miniature collections, old buildings, farm implements, rusty vehicles and ancient cottonwoods-these things often find their way into my work. 






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